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Shop for high-quality men's Japanese denim jeans at Indigo & Provisions. Founded in 1992, Japan Blue Co. is one of the leading denim and jeans brands in the world, manufacturing in Okayama prefecture in Japan.

Japanese Men's Jeans

We're proud to be exclusive stockists of Japan Blue Jeans label in New Zealand. They are a well-known brand in the Japanese Denim industry for thoughtfully designed, top-quality denim.
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Japanese Denim

Circle Slim Taper Black 14oz

Having a rich history in producing exquisite denim garments since 1992, Japan Blue Jeans is among the top jeans manufacturers in the world.

Their latest creation is a contemporary slim tapered design that offers ample room around the thigh and gradually narrows towards the ankle. What sets this denim apart is the unique blend of high-quality Zimbabwe cotton with a soft and lustrous finish and Australian cotton with a natural texture. Thanks to the use of sulphide black-dyed yarn, the dyeing process produces incredible fade over time.

The denim has undergone a rinse to enhance its softness and reduce shrinkage while the jeans retain a rugged texture. It is recommended to size up by one size from your regular fit - for instance, if you typically wear a 32 in most denim brands, opt for a 33 in this style.

Chief Engineer Jacket

The Chief Engineer Jacket is Japan Blue Jeans' expansion of their range of chore coats, which blends their expertise in workwear and tailoring. This elegant piece can effortlessly transition from a workshop to a gallery opening.

The jacket is made from their “Skater Chino” fabric - a sturdy and durable polycotton twill pre-washed to give it a supple and broken-in feel. It features a subtly curved placket adorned with concaved metal buttons.

The Chief Engineer Jacket boasts a relaxed fit, but for a more fitted silhouette, it is advised to size down. Shop the rand at Indigo and Provisions today.

Circle Straight Taper 12.5oz

Japan Blue Jeans, with it’s rich history of crafting exquisite denim garments since 1992, has unveiled its this pair of exceptional jeans.

The jeans are manufactured in the legendary Okayama prefecture, also known as the denim capital of Japan. They feature a modern taper fit with ample room around the thigh, followed by a significant slim straight taper towards the ankle.

To enhance the softness and minimise shrinkage, the denim has undergone a rinsing process, while retaining its robust and textured character. It is recommended to size this set of jeans up by one size from your usual fit. For instance, if you typically wear a 32 in most brands, opt for a 33 in this style.

The jeans are made of 12.5oz African Cotton selvedge denim and come with a zip fly and a natural untanned leather back patch. The inseam features contrasting blue stitching, adding a touch of flair to this classic denim design.

About Japan Blue Jeans Selvedge Jeans

Japan Blue Jeans is a Japanese denim manufacturer based in Kojima, a small town in Okayama prefecture - Japan's denim capital. They take pride in their town's history and have initiated several projects to make it a happier place. With the belief that the essence of jeans lies in the quality of the denim, they oversee every aspect of the denim production process - from selecting cotton to spinning, dyeing, and sewing. That enables them to have complete control over the jeans they produce.

Japan Blue Co.Ltd.'s Hiroki Kishimoto founded Japan Blue Jeans nearly a decade ago, leveraging his years of expertise in the denim industry. Initially targeting the European market, the jeans brand later expanded its focus to the Japanese domestic market.

They import cotton from various countries to spin the yarn and weave the denim fabric in Japan. A significant aspect of their history involves utilising fabric from Collect, a renowned global fabric manufacturer, famous for its selvedge denim. All of their products are manufactured in the same region where their headquarters are situated, in the Okayama prefecture of Japan.

The jeans company places emphasis not only on quality but also on sustainability and ethics, striving to achieve complete transparency in their processes. This commitment encompasses, but is not limited to, their use of handpicked, naturally grown Côte d'Ivoire cotton, which is their signature for creating high-quality denim jackets, jeans, and more.

Japan Blue Jeans is renowned for offering a diverse selection of fits and fabrics catering to a wide range of customers. Their collection includes options for stretch enthusiasts as well as for hardcore denim fans.

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The Story of Denim Jeans

Denim has been a fashion staple for generations. From classic jeans to jackets and shirts, denim has been a go-to fabric for fashion lovers around the world. With its versatility and durability, denim has become an essential part of everyone's wardrobe.

Originating in the 1800s, denim was originally designed as workwear for miners. Over time its sturdiness and accessibility made it catch on as a mainstream fashion trend - and denim has remained popular ever since.

Today, denim continues to evolve with new styles and designs emerging each year. One of the latest trends in denim is sustainable and ethical denim. As more and more consumers are becoming conscious of the impact of their clothing choices on the environment, sustainable and ethical denim has gained popularity. Many brands are now using eco-friendly production methods and materials to create denim products that are not only stylish but also sustainable.

The nature of Raw Denim which is what we, at Indigo & Provisions, focus on is more sustainable due to it using considerably less water than Washed Denim, we prefer denim in this natural state. Not only because it is more sustainable but also because it becomes more interesting over time as the jeans journey with the wearer and take on details of their every day life, like where they place their wallet or how they cuff their jeans.

Something we love about denim's story is how it has evolved alongside technological innovation. From stretch denim to water-resistant denim, advancements in technology have enabled designers to experiment with new denim fabrics that offer enhanced comfort and functionality. For ourselves we love how denim has circled back to being produced in it’s original way, using selvedge looms and simple 5 pocket designs made from indigo denim.

Denim is a timeless classic that continues to evolve with new trends and styles emerging each year. From sustainable and ethical production to innovative fabrics, denim remains a go-to fabric for fashion lovers around the world. With its durability and versatility, it's no wonder why denim has stood the test of time and continues to be a fashion favourite.

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